Speedlight Notes - Color

I wanted to wrap up the week with a couple illustrations on speedlights vs real strobes. Specifically something I talk about a little bit in the Simulating Sunlight eBook but don't illustrate. One of the things that drives me a little nuts about using speedlights - at least when mixing them with ambient light conditions.

Do Not Adjust Your TV Set

Hier Helmut

Well something like that Twilight Zone guy says. This is a public service announcement - that was the other TV thing I was going to go with. Twilight Zone better I think. If you noticed a fairly huge change in the way the blog looks it's not you, not the Mavericks update, or anything wrong with your iOS device. After the 3000th request to add a bit of white space to the edges I had some sort of burst of energy late last night and just did it.

Fuji X-Trans And Aperture 3

In celebration of getting a tiny little nudge towards a new Aperture in the form of Aperture 3.5 I thought I would share one of the seemingly thousands of twitter/email conversations so far this week regarding Aperture 3 and post processing. This one is specific to getting the most out of the Fuji X-TRANS sensor in Aperture 3. I am going to focus in a something I never brought up before even though it can be an extremely powerful adjustment in Aperture 3 - RAW fine tuning.

Contact Sheet Experiment - Installment III

I really don't want too much time go by for this little contact sheet sharing experiment. I don't want too much thought creeping into attempting to curate the final project output otherwise it's not really contact sheet like… especially on a longer term project. I struggled a bit with this one as to whether or not to include some images or not. Ultimately I included most but left out a few that were a bit too gratuitous that I would not have shot or would never use for the project. I did leave in all of my screw-ups for sure.

Aperture X - The Hint

So like many of you I was watching the Apple event today in real-time just waiting for the big news we all care about - a new Aperture - probably Aperture X. We all heard Phil say…

And a brand new Aperture to take advantage of the crazy expensive awesomeness of the MacPro

So we waited and waited - no dice. Not today but I am hoping soon. Maybe with the delivery of the MacPro? Before the end of the year?

Fuji X-Series - The Emotional Appeal

I was surfing twitter this morning and came across a video posted by Fujifilm. It's a photographer talking to the Fuji crew in Japan about his photography and the X Series. I've seen most to the recent ones that happened when Fuji brought in a bunch of the internet X-celebs to talk X-Series but I had not seen this one. I hit a couple of things that I closely identify with - especially in the beginning.

Project Contact Sheet II

Okay, after the last two extremely long posts here's a really short one for Sunday before I head out. The second installment of project contact sheet. At this point I don't have any images from this set narrowed down to which couple might get used in the final project but here's the raw material. Same treatment as before. I probably won't change it up a whole lot until I am farther down the road.

X100S, Window Light, Projects, Etc

A quick follow-up from yesterdays post to address a few email questions along with a few additional thoughts on shooting the Fuji X100S. First off let's cover the X100S imaging performance in the fairly crappy lighting conditions at my disposal last Thursday. Contrary to my usual M.O. I was gravitating to a pretty funky whacked out post-processing treatment. Specifically the ++ versions of some of the VSCO film presets with added green in the shadows etc. The shot at the top was taken a few seconds after the one at the top of yesterday's long winded post. Same light. Same exposure. Same ISO 1600 wide open f/2 @ 1/60s. Without the funky film stuff - just color corrected to my mood at the moment. No NR or careful messing with anything, no local adjustments, no "fixes".

Friday's Thoughts, Projects, Etc.

It seems I have more than a couple people participating in my little contact sheet experiment. So far so good but surprisingly most of the questions or comments so far have been via email and of technical nature. I did receive a few conceptual kind of questions - the good kind from my POV at the moment. I'll try to summarize a few answers in this post. I also wanted to cover a couple thoughts on photographic projects in general, viewing/viewer context, presentation, and generally some thoughts on participating in any sort of activity resembling review or critique.

X100S - My Top 10 Wish List

Had a discussion with someone regarding X100S and as usual all of my complaints came out before the good points. You guys know I love the little beastie right? Well that doesn't mean I don't have issues with it. Fixing some of them might actually cause others to get worse - I don't care - not my job but here's what I want and I want it friggin NOW in a firmware update which seems doable for the most part considering it's a computer and all fly by wire-y that's functionality is determined by software. It stupefies me that this stuff is still like this in V2 after a couple firmware iterations…