Aperture eBook - Thank You

I just wanted to give a quick Thank You to all of you that have given support and feedback about the first couple of Aperture eBooks. I am glad that all of you that have written me have found them worthwhile and more than you expected. I also appreciate all of the ideas and suggestions given regarding future eBooks on Aperture.

Right now I have been working on the next one for the last month and it is pretty slow going. It is dedicated to the Aperture book tool. I am finding this one pretty difficult. I have totally rewritten it once so far. It's pretty difficult to hone in on making the book tool info succinct while being somewhat comprehensive. I hope to get this thing ready to go on air in the next month.

Now for  a tiny little bit of self promotion - I was overwhelmed by the amount of positive feedback I have received so far. Here are just a couple of snippets that did not embarrass me too much.

…wanted to let you know that I thought is was great - I learned quiet a few things. Your discussion of stacks and stack picks and album picks was a revelation for me. One thing that I do for family events is print 6x4 prints and I must do a special cropping to this aspect ratio. I have forced Aperture to do this with great effort and pain. Your example of how you do 8x10 cropping was an "ah-ha" moment for me. I found many other useful bits of info as well. I have read a book on Aperture usage and did the lynda.com online training, but your presentation of the material was best. After I hit send on this email, I am going to buy your other ebook based on my great experience with this one. … Tom, USA

…I am incredibly impressed with the way you lay out and communicate Aperture and its many uses.  … Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge about Aperture! Brad, USA

Thank you for the wonderful ebooks! I downloaded both of them and really enjoyed reading them. Manuals are great but boring to read which is why books like yours are needed to make learning experience fun…Leo, unknown

…thought I would drop you a quick note to express my appreciation of your knowledge and advice.  I still have a great deal to go through on RB Design but have already whipped my Previews into shape and, through the use of blue folders, have my projects nicely organised, finally!Anonymous, Unknown

Derek Story's excellent DVD from Lynda.com gave me a solid foundation in Aperture but I have since been looking for a source to help with the detail.  … I also just bought the Apple Pro Training book but probably should have saved myself the money - having had a quick look at this,  for example, there is nothing like the detail in your Managing Previews… Nicholas, Hong Kong

Okay okay enough already - Thank you all. Now I have to get back to the darkroom where I am continually humbled by simple particles of silver that are not so generous with the feedback and are much more intolerant and demanding task masters than all of you.

Oh, in case you didn't see the link at the top of the page you can get the Aperture 3 eBooks here.


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