Aperture 3 File Import

I am a big fan of shooting RAW+JPEG. I don't worry about it, I don;t make decisions about it. I just set my camera to RAW+JPEG and never think about it again. I use my out of camera JPEG files most of the time unless I have a good reason to use the RAW files. I like that I can change the look of them with ease. Most of my new cameras produce fantastic looking JPEG files be it black and white, auto noise reduction, simulated film "looks" whatever.

For the most part I love RAW+JPEG because I don't have to decide anything, it saves me a ton of time and it gives me ultimate flexibility. Memory cards are dirt cheap, at this rate I may not even bother erasing them any more (well I guess I will for the time being). It even saves you time in post processing. Take Aperture 3 for instance. It's new features for dealing with the import of RAW+JPEG pairs is a fantastic time saver.

Here is my "normal" work-flow: 1. Shoot RAW+JPEG in the camera. 2. Import JPEG only using the option to do so in the RAW+JPEG pairs option block in the import interface. 3. Blast through the JPEGS and reject the ones I don't want. This is really really fast since you don't have to wait for the import of your huge RAW files and subsequent Aperture processing of them to render thumbnails or previews. It's faster to zip through them as well. 4. After my reject pass I open up the import interface again and use the "Matching RAW files" option in the RAW+JPEG pairs control block. <div class="box right"> </div> What I end up with is only importing the RAW files for the images I actually give a crap about and the RAW+JPEG's managed together as a "dual master" with the JPEG's active by default. If you want to know how to change this around take a look at this post. There are all kinds of options for telling Aperture 3 what "matching RAW files" you actually want imported or are talking about. If you have any questions just ask.


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