Aperture 3 - Living In Full Screen Mode

I have always loved Aperture's full screen mode. Clean, clear, uncluttered, easy to activate with the "F" key. What's not to like. One of the best things about the new features introduced in Aperture 3 has not gotten a lot of press and that is all the new full screen functionality. The best of which happens to be the new full screen mode browser functionality. In the past full screen mode was a single image or couple of image affair. Now you can just about live inside Aperture full screen mode. You can do just about anything as long as you don't need to access a menu item or fire up something that pops up a dialog. For me using shortcut keys, including some I added myself there is almost no need to ever leave the gorgeous luscious full screen interface with your photo library.

Here is a Aperture 3 super simple stuff walkthrough of how full screen mode works if you haven't been living there already.

Of course you can enter fullscreen mode while working on a single image with the "F" key. Here is what mine looks like. I have the Inspector HUD docked using the little switch in the upper right corner of the the HUD. For the most part this is how I use it mainly for image adjustments. You can use it for metadata or the project inspector if you wish but I typically use other ways of doing that like the "T" key for the metadata tool tips and new features of the fullscreen browser for that stuff.

Now the really good part. Just double click the full size image(s) that are displayed and viola, you are in the new and quite awesome fullscreen browser. Hooooo weee, this thing is sweet.

But wait there's more. See the condensed hierarchy summarized at the top telling you where you are in your organization structure. You can click to navigate up that chain. And wait just a minute, lo and behold, if you click and hold on any of the objects in that navigation line you can see all of the sub-objects that are contained under them. See why I don't use the inspector HUD much?

All of the stuff you know and love about the normal browser is at your disposal as well. Like searching. See…

Of course if you don't need the bird's eye view of all your images and organization hierarchy there is the handy dandy film strip you can position wherever you want. I have  mine on the left side an switched to auto-hide/show so that it gets out of the way when I don't need it. You can search till your heart's content in the filmstrip to, see the search box and HUD icon at the top?

Last but not least, all of your tools like lift and stamp, straiten, crop, etc are available as well. I also have this set to auto-hide/show. They are available in image viewer or browser mode in full screen. Nice.

I hope this motivates you to explore the wonders of living in fullscreen mode a bit more if you haven't been seduced already. It's a god send on smaller screens like a laptop but to tell you the truth it works well no matter how large your screen is when you want to focus on your images and have all the other distractions out of the way.

Part of the Aperture 3 super simple stuff series.


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