Aperture 3 - The Greatest Hits

You might have noticed that there is no easy way to get to my category pages here anymore. That's because my categories and tags are a gigantic mess created via WordPress with not a lot of thought process involved. While I am slowly cleaning that mess up I decided to just do away with them temporarily. This presented another problem. That problem was people somehow getting here looking for Aperture stuff. To address that I present to you…

Apple Aperture 3 greatest hits - or tips - or whatever you may want to call them. I probably missed a few oldies but goodies but this is a reasonable list for all of the posts I could stand to go through. It's probably okay that there are more than a few references to things that don't exist in Aperture 3 as they did in Aperture or Aperture 2, like blue folders - there not blue anymore, they are the same color as any folder but the information is sound. Enjoy.

Of course all of this is available in a cohesive, organized, comprehensive manner via my eBooks.

General Workflow, Organization, Etc

Projects, Folders, Alubms, Etc.

Image Adjustments

File Management


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