VSCO Film For Aperture v. LR4/ACR7

You've seen the above image before. It's one of the couple low key images I shot last week. I kinda like it but that's neither here nor there. The reason I am posting it again is a quick update on VSCO film 01 as well as a slightly more in-depth answer to a question posed in my last post. I also thought it might be a little better to just show people what I was yammering on about when I did a quicky review on VSCO Film 01 and 02.

The above image was processed in ACR7 with one preset - specifically Fuji 400H from VSCO film 01 using the Nikon D600 profile. I casually mentioned that in the previous post to which a reader Scott wanted to know if it was VSCO film for Lightroom or Aperture 3. Even though I answered that in the comments I thought it might be useful to show you the visual difference between all of them especially since I voiced my extreme displeasure about what seems to be some sort of joke VSCO released as the Aperture 3 version of those presets.

I mentioned in my brief review that the results for the Aperture 3 version were nothing like the ACR/LR version. Just in case you think I am being my usual picky, negative self why don't you just take a look for yourself…

Here is the same image with VSCO film 01 400H for Aperture 3.

For me this ventures way into WTF territory. Really? Is this supposed to be close to the same preset for LR/ACR? WTF?

Just in case you think that somehow the white balance was all forked up and I accidentally fixed it in ACR - it wasn't and I didn't. Here is the Aperture 3 as imported version…

Candidly I think the as imported Aperture version is closer to the ACR version of VSCO 400H than the Aperture 3 preset. No shit. It's not about which one you might think is cooler at the moment. That's not the point. The point is that the Aperture 3 presets look absolutely nothing like the LR/ACR presets. I don't mean they are a little bit different - I could handle that but this is ridiculous. I can get all retro off color tinty with the VSCO tool kit in ACR/LR if I want but that seems to be the default and only mode for the Aperture 3 versions. No thanks. If that is what floats your boat - go for it but the presets aren't even in the same ballpark in terms of how they look. Maybe they should have called the Aperture 3 version Film 03 - really whacked ass shit or something.

Oh, I know what you're thinking - the results are really really really far off because I used the super special Nikon profile version with ACR/LR… Nope, here is the "standard" version from ACR of 400H. Generally in the same ballpark.

I like VSCO for ACR/LR. For the most part because the results are subtle and for the most part get very close to the same kind of place that I go when starting from scratch with my own RAW processing. The difference being that the VSCO presets are far far better organized than my own and use different tactics to get there. Some of those tactics are kind of cool ways to work around some LR/ACR limitations others are just different ways to get to the same end result. Bottom line - I think the LR and ACR versions are well done.

Hopefully that clarifies my feeling on this.


Ps. Been meaning to write VSCO a little note about WTF and Aperture but forgot - maybe if I have time…

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