X100S - My Top 10 Wish List

Had a discussion with someone regarding X100S and as usual all of my complaints came out before the good points. You guys know I love the little beastie right? Well that doesn't mean I don't have issues with it. Fixing some of them might actually cause others to get worse - I don't care - not my job but here's what I want and I want it friggin NOW in a firmware update which seems doable for the most part considering it's a computer and all fly by wire-y that's functionality is determined by software. It stupefies me that this stuff is still like this in V2 after a couple firmware iterations…

  1. Let's start with everyone's complaint - how about a color other than white for focus peaking? Huh? Then once you figure that out make it adjustable.
  2. The shutter release behavior/half press behavior - this is all software so please fix this now. Let's talk about half press… All of my other real cameras allow me to fire a shot and then release to only half press giving me the chance for a second or a third or a fourth shot REALLY QUICK without refocusing and re-going-thru the frameline dance. Fix this. This screws with me constantly and could be so much better. It's not going to bother anyone that really wants a full reset between shots - they have that - just release fully. If they don't agree and someone actually likes the way it works right now let me know who they are so we can have a "talk". Hmmm K?
  3. While we are on the issue of reset behavior let's talk about what happens in manual focus mode. Not bad but could be way way better with one simple change. Do not require a half shutter press to move the frameline projection to actual image area. Just put it in realtime at the focused distance. The distance indicator stays put - it knows, the lens doesn't re-set and re-rack now just do the same thing with the frame lines instead of re-using a tiny bit of code that's used for AF… This is sorta related to half-press behavior but more. You could actually skip this if you took my advice on half-press behavior because that would "fix" this as sort of a work-around. Then I would only be half-enraged at the half-assed retarded thought process that it doesn't work this way already.
  4. So far these are just no-brainers that will not fork with anyone else's desires unless they are truly brain dead and way off. They are easy - just do it. Hell give me the code and I will do it for you. I will do it by the time it get's dark out. This shit is no big deal at all. Now comes a hard one. Battery life - hmmmm. I feel uncomfortable even with two spares. At least fix the damn indicator to let me know where I really am. It's always a surprise - not the good kind. Any why the hell do the puny batteries seem to take about 9 times as long for a full charge than my Nikon batteries?
  5. Why the hell no matter what mode I am in is there all sorts of viewfinder activity of open, close, open, noise, click, clack when I hit the play button to see the image on the BACK of the camera? hmmmm… you know where to display it. Stop forking around with the VF and wasting time. Viewing an image on the back is too too slow - mostly because you take the time to do all sorts of non-sense like that prior to doing it or shutting that down. On a related note if I am on histogram display please don't show me the full view, then mess about with the viewfinder, and then change it to the histogram view - too slow. All due to idiotic decisions in the software for things you already know when I hit the play button.
  6. Ummm no EVF reflection of exposure settings in manual mode? What's that about.
  7. Your histogram is VERY hard to interpret there are no dots above mid point in at least half of various average scenes when the exposure is "right" - some sort of rounding issue with how many pixels should be used to reflect what's going on. At least put up ONE pixel if there's any pixels - especially in the highlights otherwise the histogram in VF is not real useful.
  8. Why is 99.2% of the functionality in the "quick menu" devoted to JPEG shit? Really does everyone but me fork around with all the JPEG image crap on every other shot? There are many operational things that seem to be more relevant to actual shooting. The JPEG shit seems to be more of a set it and forget it thing that SHOULD be buried in the menus.
  9. Please reflect what custom group is actually in use at the moment in quick menu - please? would that be so hard?
  10. Can we please please have a black version. Preferably with no idiotic Special Ediiton surcharge. Just the regular version that's black. Go ahead and pass the cost on to me if it really costs more… Maybe like $20 or something.

There you have it. My top ten doable things - well battery life may be a stretch but the rest are no-brainers and absolutely within the realm of firmware for the most part. Yea the black version's not but the rest…

What are your top X100S wishes?


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