Project Contact Sheet II

Okay, after the last two extremely long posts here's a really short one for Sunday before I head out. The second installment of project contact sheet. At this point I don't have any images from this set narrowed down to which couple might get used in the final project but here's the raw material. Same treatment as before. I probably won't change it up a whole lot until I am farther down the road.

As usual shoot me an email if you would like to subscribe to the iCloud photostreams. If not you can see the full set here on the web.

This was shot the same day as the last one but between a quick wardrobe change-up for some of my outdoor X100S experiments. You might notice I gravitated far more towards shooting the little Fuji here. Also note what else changed a few shots into this group. I did eliminate a bunch of images that seemed to much like a make-up ad as well as some of the less clothed shots as I know I won't use any in this project.

As usual and comments or questions are welcome either in the photostream or here on the blog. I'll try to get another installment out shortly.


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