Aperture X - The Hint

So like many of you I was watching the Apple event today in real-time just waiting for the big news we all care about - a new Aperture - probably Aperture X. We all heard Phil say…

And a brand new Aperture to take advantage of the crazy expensive awesomeness of the MacPro

So we waited and waited - no dice. Not today but I am hoping soon. Maybe with the delivery of the MacPro? Before the end of the year?

In any case I was helping a few of you out there with using what good old Aperture 3 does right now to get to a place you want to be in terms of imaging looks without going to a plug-in. I think we hit on a few things that might get you through…

That got me looking at some of my Aperture 3 film presets over in my little store. I was comparing them to a few other similar products which I happen to have laying around for LR5 and I must say - they look gorgeous and dare I say maybe better… Well I could but I don't have to because I have receive quite a bit of gushing feedback. At least half a dozen people have told me to raise the price so that people take them seriously.

In any case here's a couple of things from just today.

portra 160 VC has been a magic bullet for editing weddings.

I have your Portra and Fuji presets; really pleased with both and use them to such an extent (Fuji X100/Aperture 3) that I rarely resort to the other presets I was using before.

And similar stuff. I like them - they are my goto looks when processing RAW files in Aperture. Heck if you were hankering for a new Aperture grab some of these for less than 5 bucks as just something to play with until that happens.


Ps. Thank you to all of those that have been so supportive on those preset packs so far and YES there is a black and white set coming soon. Just have to wrap up a few real work kind of things before I get to testing etc.

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