Do Not Adjust Your TV Set

Hier Helmut

Well something like that Twilight Zone guy says. This is a public service announcement - that was the other TV thing I was going to go with. Twilight Zone better I think. If you noticed a fairly huge change in the way the blog looks it's not you, not the Mavericks update, or anything wrong with your iOS device. After the 3000th request to add a bit of white space to the edges I had some sort of burst of energy late last night and just did it.

I swore to myself I was not going to do anything to the CSS until I also moved to the Zurb Foundation 4 framework since I have been delaying it for more than a year - I think. So I did that as well. Kind of brutal since they did away with modular scale and turned the whole thing upside down to be mobile first. So it looks a bit funny and definitely needs some TLC but I think it works about the same way it used to - sort of. I had to flip the coin and decide to either integrate modular scale into Zurb 4 or ditch it. I ditched it which wreaked all sorts of havoc as well as my ham-fisted media queries to simulate the way it used to work - kinda.

Der Image Title

At the end of it all - it's not exactly the same but there is now white space for all of you that consume my diatribe on itty bitty little screens. Also the sidebar should go away (move to bottom after comments) on really itty bitty devices. Enjoy. I will get around to actually messing with it correctly sooner or later - probably sooner. If ditching the modular scale and going with the Zurb 4 default 1em size makes the text unreadably small on your device please let me know. I did have to fork around with all the text rendering defaults so it stopped looking like that horrible windows bullshit that they pass of as font rendering.

There may be other glitches as well - bonus points for those that point them out to me. I need to overhaul this thing any way. NBD all my content is in Markdown files that gets generated in to whatever so the sky's the limit when I am not messing about with other people's websites…


Ps. Warning For all of you Aperture users out there - I have found a serious bug in Aperture 3.5. After it runs for a bit exported images look nothing like the way they do inside Aperture. The color is seriously bad/screwed-up/etc. I have worked around this two different ways but do not have a handle on what causes/cures this behavior exactly yet. Restarting Aperture seems to make it okay - at least at that moment and once I switched the export preset - then switched it back which seemed to put it back on track for a while as well. This is bad.

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