The Paul Pride Project - Update

It's been a while since I mentioned The Paul Pride Project so in case you haven't been aware of the latest developments I thought I needed to get everyone up to date. Let me summarize this in case you forgot…

I sent Paul a Nikon FE and a few rolls of Fuji color negative film to get him started. Mostly so that he could re-experience the joys of simplicity of a classic camera with not much functionality and outsourcing of post processing to someone else. It is a great exercise which I recommend to any digital shooter as a good way to just level set the whole photography experience back to basics and what is actually the most important thing about this endeavor.

The LaRoque Challenge - Season II

And I feel, so much depends on… The weather… So is it raining in your bedroom? And I see, that these are the… Eyes of disarray… Would you even care?STP

Strange opener huh? Well it's what came to mind when attempting to put myself in some sort of shooting zone last Thursday while down in DC visiting my friend and partner in crime Carly (more on the crimes or planned criminal activity later). I left home with some loose plans to do a bit of work on a personal project or two. Then the weather happened.

X100S - Expert Mode

I have been trying to interact a bit over on the very few G+ forums/groups that I follow in hopes of making them a bit more discussion oriented instead of yet another social media transmit only experience. Interact meaning responding to other people's stuff or creating a topic based on things other people are talking about. Transmit only being what seems to be mor and more the default usage mode for all these allegedly "social" options. More on that another day. Today I was discussing the usage specifics for a set of circumstances of the little Fuji X100S with someone that quite literally just acquired it partially due to a previous conversation I had with him.

How Subjects React To The Fuji X100S

I am back from the little voyage to DC and I have to say, while I had fun it was a complete and utter washout in terms of really getting to shoot anything for a few of my personal projects. I was stuck indoors, the light was virtually non-existent and what there was had ummmm… challenges. The biggest reason for the trip besides mental health was actually a combo birthday celebration and moving out party. I did however have some anticipation - no big plan but just anticipation that I would have a chance to work on a few of those projects for at least two out of four days. Hopefully with a few subjects that I wanted to shoot in a few locations I wanted to shoot. Crapped out - it was dank/dark/cold/raining and generally miserable.

Project Contact Sheet

I mentioned at the end of the last post an experiment of sorts. Quite a few of you made it that far and registered your interest in joining the photostream - thanks, lets see how this goes. If you have been following the blog for any length of time you probably know I love contact sheets that show what was shot in and around the shot that was selected as the one. I even like looking at my own contact sheets - especially ones I shot a decade or more ago on film. There's a sort of magic to them seeing the context and evolution of a particular scene or approach or even just variations.

A Controversial Post That Shouldn't Be

A strange title huh? Our shared society is pretty strange as well. While I am not shy about opening my big mouth and possibly irritating the masses or in this day and age about half of any particular group I don't typically engage in commenting on the sensational controversial topic/person/subject/politics/etc of the day. Sure fire link bait - absolutely. Will bring tons of traffic - too bad I want nothing to do with that particular audience that searches for such things. Also it's extremely dangerous - most of the content posted riding one controversy or the other masquerades as as some sort of objective information source - ambulance chasers for sure. The more risqué (sarcasm for those non-native english speakers/readers) come out with a very strong opinion as soon as it's safe to jump on a particularly correct side of the fence. This is the way to go if you want to generate "conversation" of the meaningless "yes I agree - you go girl kind".

Planning Vs. Preparedness - Part II

I am off on another little road trip/train trip back to DC this coming week. I certainly didn't think I would be going back so soon but it just came up. I have the time. I'm going. Last trip was quite absolutely with no plan. Of course the usual minimum requirement of actual logistics of getting from here to there was obviously in need of some sort of plan. When I discuss planning in the photographic sense I am referring to the degree to which the actual shots I am going to make are pre-visioned, laid out and in the bag before I ever start.

The X100S - A Tale Of Two Flares

With all my gushing about how much I love that little Fuji X100S and especially the rendering characteristics of it's f/2 23mm lens there were bound to be some questions about what I was talking about. One of the things I pointed out in my last praise lavishing X100S post was how easy it was to provoke various attractive flare from the little guy. Especially wide open.

Getting It Right In Camera Etc.

Maybe I should call this true confessions or something. In any case I just wanted to post something short and sweet on tools, rightness-wrongness, working method, etc. When it comes to this kind of stuff I am of the school of "Whatever works - for you. Something helps you work faster, produce more consistency, saves you a bunch of time, gets a look you want, makes you feel good - by all means - do that.